About Us

Here at Bad Axe Sawmill, we practice in the process of Urban Logging.  

We work very closely with local tree companies, governments, and landowners to put trees that would normally be placed in a waste stream to good use (countertops, and furniture). Urban logs are trees that are not of a certain caliper normally sent to a conventional mill. Bad Axe Sawmill owns and operates a large mill that can cut logs up to 52″ in diameter. We sell lumber that is air-dried and kiln-dried very slowly to drop the moisture content down to ideal levels as low as 8%. We also sell green lumber at more attractive pricing that customers can work with or dry themselves.

How it Works

With both of our mills we have the ability of quarter sawing, flitch cutting or traditional slice milling a log to yield maximum board footage. Depending on how the tree was cut or if the tree was knocked down during a storm really varies the overall quality of the lumber. It’s our job to read every log and try to find the best of what it has to offer. Most of what we mill from flitch cutting yields very attractive and one of a kind Live Edge Slabs.

natural wood table top

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